Brewery Marketing Guide

Products for your seasonal and festival marketing

Branded products are essential for seasonal and festival marketing, and adequately showcasing your brand starts with a well-prepared lineup of drinkware and serveware. It’s essential that you’re covered during those peak seasons and festivals—from outdoor drinkware to seasonal glasses and coasters.

Types of Outdoor Drinkware

Invest in outdoor drinkware to avoid the inevitable hassle of cleaning up broken glass.

Disposable Cups
Recyclable or compostable disposable cups are both environmental and affordable outdoor options.

Beer Garden Pitchers, Tankards, and Mugs
Encourage friendship and celebration with these sturdy glass or plastic beer vessels.

Plastic Steins
The perfect branded souvenir for any outdoor event or festival.

Stadium Cups
Ideal for showcasing your brand for sporting events, these colorfully customizable cups are dishwasher safe and a great keepsake.

Baseball Season

Whether your beer and baseball fans are at the bar or out tailgating, baseball season is a great time to market your brand with products that will last for years to come.

Baseball Pint Glasses
Slide headfirst into baseball season with pint glasses featuring a baseball embedded base.

Custom Keychain Bottle Openers
No matter the season, a custom keychain will go with your beer lovers everywhere they go and open every beer bottle they drink and any beer bottle their friends drink.

Can Coolies
There’s something about a nice coolie that makes people happy. Wouldn’t it be nice if your brand were associated with that happiness?

Summer Campaigns

Summer is high drinking season. If you’re launching a campaign this year, make sure you’re not relying solely on social media likes to succeed.

Seasonal Beer or Spirits Glasses
The seasonal brews and cocktails are ready. All they need are beautiful seasonal glassware or drinkware to serve them in!

Added Value Coasters
You know those glasses we just mentioned? They need coasters to sit on. In fact, how about an added value coaster offering a discount on the next round.

Beer Buckets
Need we say more? Nothing says summer like cold beer with friends. This is a prime surface for your graphics.