It’s more than a glass. It’s a reflection of you.

An Inside Look at Pairing Beer & Spirits with Glassware

Your brew contains the highest quality ingredients, an enormous amount of time, and the heart and soul of your brewmaster. Custom designed glassware is a dynamic way to complete the ensemble and compliment your product, building your brand image and differentiating yourself from the competition.

And glassware isn’t just a promotional tool. Shape and design play an integral role in enhancing the flavor and aroma of your brew, so you can give beer and spirits aficionados the perfect experience—and another worthy reason to choose you.


Beer Glass Types
Spirits Glasses
Custom Glassware
Stainless Steel Benefits
Serveware & Bar Accessories

Beer Glass Types

A Guide to Pairing Beer with Glassware.

It’s no surprise that the countless amounts of beer types and styles have led to a large, diverse range of glassware. After all, the right glass not only boosts your beer’s perceived value, but helps retain its aroma and flavor for an overall improved drinking experience.

But choosing the right glassware can get confusing—somewhat like a beer glass puzzle. Here’s a cheat sheet we’ve created to help you pair the right drink with the proper glass. Together, we’ll guarantee you’re enhancing each beer’s unique aroma, striking look and distinctive flavor to the max!

The Beer Glass Puzzle

How to Choose the Right Glass to Promote Your Brew

Choosing the right glass for your beer—and brand.
There’s no doubt pairing beer with the right glassware is of utmost importance. But what does that mean when it comes to your brand—how do you make sure people are drinking your beer? The first step may be choosing the right glass style, but branding and presentation are next.

Here are 3 glassware secrets for making sure your beer is the brew of choice.

1. Lift your brew with a stemmed glass.
Your beer deserves a pedestal. Or at least a stemmed goblet, snifter or tulip glass. Stems that lift your brew off the table above the others, give it the perfect visual presentation, especially when vivid colors and the aromas of harvest ales are on tap. And stemmed glasses aren’t just for Belgium ales, Imperial and Double IPAs, Porters, Stouts, and other strong aromatic beers. The Pokal is a German stemmed glass to present pilsners, and even lagers, in an upscale light showcasing color, clarity and carbonation like other stemware.

2. Maintain a foamy head with laser etching.
Craft connoisseurs savor every sip, and drink by sight as much as they do by smell and taste. They are in no hurry to finish your beer, nor do you want them to be. For this reason, retaining a foamy head is essential for the optimal tasting experience. Off the shelf goblets and tulip-shaped glasses hold better head retention by design, but the secret to longer retention is laser etching on the inside bottom of the glass. It’s a process called nucleation that accelerates the release of CO2 in your beer. This, in turn, increases effervescence boosting aroma and flavor and, ultimately, prolongs head retention.

3. Design a glass that represents your beer.
Each glass style is truly made to promote a beer style’s unique complexities. What it’s not manufactured to do is promote your brand. That’s where glass decoration comes in. Think of the striking Stella Artois glass or Sierra Nevada’s and Dogfish Head’s famed IPA glass—memorable designs that make mistaking their brew impossible.

But you don’t have to create a glass from scratch to promote your brand. Boelter gives you carte blanche over choosing the right glass for you, complete with every upscale stem glass mentioned above and more. We also offer every viable custom decorating option, along with an online design tool letting you decorate a select glass. Don’t just raise any glass—raise your brew’s glass.

Why Beer Tastes Better in Glass

See it, smell it, drink it.
Did you know 75% of consumers believe beer is better when consumed in a glass versus a bottle? Drinking from a glass stimulates all of your senses, providing the ultimate craft connoisseur experience.

Here’s 3 reasons why beer tastes better in glass.

1. The flavor is kept pure. Glass can easily adopt and maintain your beer’s aroma since glass typically doesn’t have a fragrance or odor itself. This means no metallic taste or unwarranted flavors.

2. What you smell is what you taste. Sense of smell is imperative to the beer tasting experience. Drinking from a glass allows the beer’s flavorful aroma to fully interact with your taste buds. Pouring it straight into a glass also activates the carbonation, allowing its foamy head to develop, releasing those tiny bubbles that burst and release an irresistible aroma.

3. We drink with our eyes. A clear glass displays everything from your brew’s color and maltiness to the thickness and texture of its foamed head. Eyes are just as important to the craft beer aficionado as their sense of smell and taste buds.

The Art of Pouring Beer

Flavor starts with the perfect pour.
Pouring beer is all about creating that perfect foam on top (“head”) for a flavorful tasting experience. Whether pouring from a bottle, can, or tap, here are the steps for the perfect pour.

1. Start with a clean glass. Any oil, dirt or residuals will foul flavor and inhibit head creation.
2. Hold the glass at a 45º angle, aiming for the middle of the glass.
3. When you reach the halfway point, bring the glass to a 90º angle and then aim for the middle of the glass. When finished, the head should ideally be 1"-1 1/2".

Tips: Head creation directly relates to your pour speed, angle and distance. For example—too much head means you poured too fast or at too great a distance. Not enough head means you either poured too slowly or at too steep an angle without tilting it upright.

Spirits Glasses

Finding the right glass.

There are many different glassware options to compliment all the different cocktails, wine and spirits at today’s bars. It’s essential that the bartender know which glassware style pairs best with each drink based on function and visual presentation. Here’s a quick guide for pairing spirits with the perfect glass.

Glencairn glass

The unique style of this glass, with inward curved glass and tapered mouth allows the aroma of the whisky to enhance the experience of fine whisky.

Hi-Ball glass

Hi-Ball glasses are tumblers used to serve mixed drinks. Their tall and narrow shape helps preserve the bubbles in cocktails prepared with soda or tonic. Usually they are taller cocktails and mixed with non-alcoholic mixers and poured over ice.

Margarita glass

Margarita’s frozen or on the rocks, can be served in a Margarita Glass. The rim is larger than normal for optimal salt (or sugar) to drink ratio.

Martini glass

Shaken or stirred martinis are chilled and served without ice which is why most Martini Glasses have a stem. Holding onto the stem helps maintain the temperature of the chilled drink. The classic “V” shape not only helps prevent the ingredients from separating it helps with the delivery of that amazing aroma.

Mason jar

Mason Jar
A worthy alternative to the standard glasses, the classic Mason Jar can be used for all kinds of mixers.

Old Fashioned glass

Old Fashioned
Old Fashioned glasses are short tumblers and great for serving a variety of cocktails including the famous Old Fashioned. The base makes it sturdy and difficult to tip.

Rocks glass

Rocks glasses are designed for elegance and stability. A rocks glass is used most frequently for spirits which are poured over ice, known as “on the rocks.”

Shot glass

Shot glasses are typically used for straight shots of alcohol like tequila or schnapps. Whereas, shooter glasses are used for small cocktails, alcohol mixed with non-alcoholic ingredients.

Custom Glassware

Glassware Decorating Methods.

There are many different industry techniques when it comes to custom glassware decorating. In order to brand glassware to your exact specification, Boelter employs every possible technique, including state of the art UV decorating equipment for improved vibrancy and color selection.

UV Cured Organic
This method gives you options to a wide color palette and results in a glossy finish. Organic material is cured with a UV light to allow multiple color printing that is dishwasher safe, but less scratch resistant than ceramic enamels.

Non-Lead Enamel

Non-Lead Enamel
A thermoplastic (wax) carrier is used in this method, which allows for multi-color applications. Heavy metal free inks mechanically bond to the surface, creating a scratch proof lasting design that is dishwasher safe.


With a water slide decal, you can use more intricate designs to produce your logo. The decal process uses ceramic enamels and organic inks that are applied on a special paper rather than the substrate (glass) itself. Decals are applied by hand and allows application to many different shapes.


This technique accelerates carbonation by laser etching the bottom of your beer glass to help build and retain the beer’s head for a more flavorful experience. Having your logo at the bottom of the glass is a great branding strategy as well.

Full Frost Etching

Full Frost Etching
This technique uses an organic spray process to create a frosted effect, offering an alternative to acid etching, but with less environmental impact.

Custom Glass Options

There are many different options when it comes to creating your own custom beer glass. Cost is perhaps one of the biggest factors when it comes to making a decision, so we’ve broken down the three main categories for you.

High-Speed Machine Process: Custom from Top to Bottom
Custom, high-speed machine-molded glassware is the process most associated with developing a unique glass from scratch. It is the costliest option, and for good reason. The glassware is designed precisely to your taste expectation, produced within the tightest tolerances for optimal consistency, and decorated with the full palate of finishing options.

Mix ’n Match Stemware: A More Affordable Route
Without sacrificing an ounce of quality, Ritzenhoff, a revered German glass maker, offers a mix and match stemware program. You simply choose a bowl and pair it with the stemmed foot of your choice. Custom decorating completes your design, giving you the custom signature glass you’ve always wanted.

Manual, Semi-Automatic Process: Custom Without Breaking the Bank
This custom-made option, as you might suspect, involves some trade-offs. First, this glassware is made in China with a slower, more manual semi-automatic process. You get the glass you want, but consistency in ounce size from glass to glass will vary ever so slightly. For those craving their own “rock star” glassware without having the ideal resources, this is your best shot at bit time.

Quick Turn: Custom Glassware in a Week

Tap Technology. Streamline Processes. Save time.
Brewing great beer and building a strong brand takes passion and patience. When it comes to decorating glassware however, the process doesn’t necessarily need to be. We at Boelter understand that and our pros have created a Quick Turn custom printing program meant just for you.

Through Quick Turn you can receive your decorated glassware in 7 days or less!

Click here to learn more and see if Quick Turn Glassware is right for you.

Behind the Glencairn Whisky Glass

Whiskey (or whisky as it’s spelt in Scotland) is the spirit of the Celtic country. It exemplifies style and character, it’s an old friend who doesn’t ask silly questions, and it’s a cure for what ails you. From the barrel to the bottle, it embodies Scottish individuality, enthusiasm and creativity. And thanks to Raymond Davidson of Glencairn Crystal, whisky now has its very own glass.

Boelter is excited to be the official glass decorator of the Glencairn Whisky Glass.

Pure dead brilliant, the Glencairn Whisky Glass has earned its place in the world of Great Scots. Since its launch in 2001, it has won numerous awards, including the Queen’s Award for International Trade and Innovation. Its development involved pulling together the master blenders from the five largest whisky companies and asking them to perfect Davidson’s initial design. The result: the ultimate vessel for bringing the world the perfect whisky drinking experience.

Today, the Glencairn Glass can be found at every distillery in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, as well as the majority of United States distilleries.

Stainless Steel Benefits

Solutions beyond glassware.

While glass is often considered the optimal choice for drinking craft brew, not all barware has to be glass. After all—accidents happen, glass breaks and in some places may even be prohibited. In such cases, stainless steel can be the ideal drinkware choice.

Here’s 4 stainless steel benefits:

1. A sturdy, stackable solution. Tumblers made of steel won’t shatter and break like a glass pint. They also are ideal for places where glass can’t go, such as backwoods, beaches, parks and tailgate parties.

2. You can take them just about anywhere. Insulated steel growlers are the ideal travel companion, allowing loyal drinkers to combine their love of beer with their passion for the outdoors. Some growlers can keep a craft brew chilled for up to 24 hours, making them the perfect choice for camping, hiking or boating.

3. More eco-friendly. Like glass, stainless steel is sustainable, but more practical when it comes to replacing paper and plastic cups at outdoor events and festivals.

4. Increased brand visibility. Stainless steel tumblers, growlers and keg-caps have durability and staying power. Keep your brand visible with an entire lineup of custom drinkware and barware.

Looking for a stainless steel solution? Check out Boelter’s wide range of Hydro Flask insulated double wall vacuum stainless steel bottles that will keep your drinks icy cold or roasting-hot!

Serveware & Bar Accessories

Presentation is everything.

Creating the ideal craft connoisseur experience goes beyond using the right glassware. There are other considerations to have when serving beer. From the type of serving tray to pitcher and coaster design, there are many ways you can enhance the experience for the bartender and the customer. Branded beer serveware is also a great marketing opportunity to keep your brand name top of mind.

Beer Towers
When a group wants to serve themselves beer without ordering individually, beer towers can be a great alternative to pitchers. While being less messy, typically they are also able to hold more volume.

Whether indoor, outdoor, plastic or galvanized, buckets come in many different shapes and sizes. While keeping your drinks icy cold, branded traditional, specialty or large tub buckets are great for boosting brand visibility.

Caddies are a great way to keep tabletops from becoming overcrowded. Besides keeping condiments orderly, wire, cardboard or plastic custom caddies are excellent for displaying your brand tableside.

Serving Trays
The type of serving trays you have should be fit towards your menu, level of service and staff. Customized trays with an anti-skid surface are a great way to safely serve your fine food and drinks while keeping your brand front and center.

Thick, clear glass pitchers are perfect for serving ice cold ales and lagers. Stackable plastic pitchers are an economical choice for parties, festivals and outdoor events of any sort.

Since beer enthusiasts tend to be on the go, growlers are the ideal solution when they can’t carry beer out in a bottle or glass. This also makes them an optimal promotional tool—put your logo on it and your brand will travel with them.

Taster Paddles
A staple at any bar, a typical taster paddle holds four small sized glasses. These are perfect for letting guests sample a variety of brews, especially when you have an array of seasonal specials.

Bar Accessories Guide

There are many bar accessories available that provide organization and efficiency while improving the customer’s experience. Branded bar accessories are a great marketing tactic to keep your brand top of mind.

Bar & Rail Mats
Bar & Rail Mats
Bartenders set glasses on bar mats while they’re pouring to keep the glass steady and so that any spills are contained. While extremely practical, it’s important to choose one that doesn’t obstruct the space of the cocktail builder.

Bottle Openers
Bottle Openers
A must-have for every bartender, bottle openers come in all different types—from flat pocket openers, custom embossed, twist key or wall-mounted. Depending on your need, you can find ones that serve double duty as a can opener or corkscrew or even ones that can open two beers at once.

Along with protecting your furnishings, coasters are an ideal promotional tool. By creating a custom design you can clearly promote your brand, a product, special event or added value.

Condiment Trays
Condiment Trays
A necessity behind every bar, condiment trays keep your garnishes clean, organized and easily accessible. Typically available in wood, stainless steel or plastic, you can find trays with a variety of bin configurations and inserts to suit your condiment needs.

Napkins & Napkin Holders
Napkin Holders
Customized beverage napkins are perfect for maintaining a uniform appearance throughout your venue. Boost your visibility even further with customized napkin holders.

Table Tents
Table Tents
Table Tents
Having a table tent on every table is an important promotional strategy. Table tents are handy for showcasing menu cards or special sales and events you want your customers to know about.