Srixon Soft feel 12
Overall, SOFT FEEL features our softest Fast Layer Core to date. Fast Layer operates here just as it does in our most premium ball offerings. Fast Layer gradually transitions from a softer inner core to a firm outer edge, behaving like a core with thousands of layers, giving you distance and great feel without compromise. The new SOFT FEEL features our softest Fast Layer Core to date. But with a completely redesigned formulation, this latest generation adds more resiliency. Defy drag with Srixon's proprietary 338 Speed Dimple pattern.

FastLayer Core
With a soft center that gradually transitions to a firm outer edge, the FastLayer Core gives Soft Feel incredible feel and great distance off the tee.
338 Speed Dimple Pattern
Speed Dimples reduce drag at launch and increase lift during descent to deliver better overall distance, especially in windy conditions.
Soft Thin Cover
Provides that pure, soft feel that defines SOFT FEEL, while adding enhanced greenside spin on those tough pitches and chips.

Available in white, yellow, Brite Red, Brite Orange, Brite Green. Brite golf balls have a matte finish.
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