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Delivery Guidelines

Delivery Guidelines / Shortages and Damaged

While every effort is made in packing and correctly filling your order, occasions may arise where a package is lost or damaged in transit. At the time your shipment is received, it is your responsibility to follow these guidelines before you sign the delivery receipt (or bill of lading), and before the driver departs:

  • Your signature on the delivery receipt is an acknowledgement that the shipment was received in good condition and without damage or shortage.
  • Verify the number of packages delivered with the packing slip.
  • Inspect the entire shipment for visible damage prior to accepting the shipment and note any damage on the delivery ticket/bill of lading before the delivery person leaves. For packages left at your doorstep, inspect the exterior of the carton(s) and note any large dents or tears on your packing slip or invoice.
  • If the driver demands to leave before all portions of your shipment have been inspected, note on the delivery receipt (near your signature) that the driver would not allow for inspection.
  • Unpack your order immediately and inspect for hidden or concealed damage, even if you don't plan on using the item right away.

Should any damage be discovered, save all shipping cartons and packing materials. All shortages or damaged deliveries must be reported to Boelter within 2 days of the delivery of shipment by calling customer service at 1-800-BEERCUP. Boelter cannot be held responsible for damaged merchandise that is signed for as free and clear of damage.

Failure to follow any of the above mentioned guidelines will also restrict your ability to return merchandise or file a claim for damages. If packing materials are not saved, your opportunity to recover damages will be restricted.