Growler Sleeve Coolie
A good growler coolie is worth its weight in gold. This makes Boelter's 64oz Growler Sleeve Coolie a golden opportunity to bolster your brand. Made from your choice of neoprene or open cell material, each sleeve offers maximum water control and easily stretches to fit different growler shapes.

Neoprene and open cell information: Neoprene is a closed-cell, flexible rubber material that repels water and enjoys great insulation qualities. Generally speaking, neoprene items have a high perceived value due to the dense, yet soft, nature of the product. Open cell foam, however, absorbs water. The ability to absorb condensation from cans and bottles is one of the benefits this product affords when used as a beverage insulator. The foam is made from 100% polyester which results in much lower costs. Open cell foam does exhibit a certain amount of stretch, but its qualities are not generally viewed to be as long lasting as neoprene.


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